About us

About us

Easy Peasy VFX is an online platform that allows artists to upload and sell a wide range of visual effects assets, including 3d models, tools and scene files for various softwares.

Our Vision

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of visual effects. Additionaly, we aim to provide artists with the opportunity to generate supplementary income. Our mission is to make our assets accessible to beginners, enthusiasts and also for profesionals who want to speed up project delivery.

What We Offer

  • Wide Range Of File Types: Users can upload any file type related to visual effects.
  • Vendor Earnings: All money from sales goes directly to the vendor, minus a small comission for payment processing.
  • Tax Benefits: Vendors do not pay taxes on their earning unless they surpass 2000€ per year.
  • Promotion: The platform actively promotes vendors on their social media channels, increasing visibility and potential sales.